The Vent Line – Online

Here at the Voice Of Amarillo Station we have had an overwhelming amount of people wanting the 'Vent Line' back up in some form. We feel that people NEED a place where they can have a 'Voice', so we are re-birthing the 'Vent Line' right here on the website. If you thought your 'vents' got out to the masses over the AIR, now they will get to the masses all over the world.

Your 'Voice' matters and we want to make this a place where you can share your thoughts and concerns about the current state of our country and where you think it is headed.

A few "Rules" before we let you vent your hearts out. Please be mindful of what you write and be pointed. Refrain from using any 'hard core' profanity or racial slurs. Keep in mind that if it contains profanity or racism, we can not post it in our Daily Vents each day.

The Daily Vent's will be posted as we receive them. If we receive one per day, then that is what we will post to the site and share to facebook. If we receive 10 per day, we will do our best to make sure that these are posted the day they are received.

This is YOUR place to voice YOUR opinion!

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