Texas attorney Rod Ponton has learned a very valuable lesson: check your Zoom Video options after a child uses your computer, especially if you have a big meeting afterwards!

During a virtual court proceeding on Tuesday in the 394th Judicial District Court in Brewster County, TX., attorney Rod Ponton logged on to the meeting with a cat filter active on his screen. Judge Roy Ferguson warns Mr. Ponton about the filter, and hilarity ensues!

My favorite part? When Ponton, who is fully aware that he has a cat filter, says: "I'm here live, I'm not a cat." I also really love how as soon as Judge Ferguson alerts Ponton about the filter, his colleague, Mr. H. Gibbs Bauer immediately puts his glasses on to get a better look! Their other colleague, Mr. Jerry L. Phillips, glances and chuckles as Mr. Ponton and his assistant scramble to try and remove the filter.

After the incident, Judge Roy Ferguson took to Twitter to warn everyone to check their computers after a child uses it.

Side note: is it just me or is Judge Ferguson totally rocking a "Tony Stark" look? Just me? I am here for it, Judge!

Kudos to Mr. Ponton and the others for continuing working despite the hilarious filter. It certainly has been a long pandemic where so many of us have had to learn to make friends with technology. In a second Tweet, Judge Ferguson praised Mr. Ponton for handling the situation with grace and keeping it professional.

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