Tri State Fair Foods to Not Miss This Year
I love the fact that the Tri State Fair is back in town. I hate the fact that I have to miss it this year. I am not complaining because I got a precious new granddaughter out of the deal. Working from Dallas this week means I will not be home in time before the fair leaves.
Military Aircraft Crashes Into A Texas Residential Neighborhood
Aside from damaging three homes, displacing residents, and seriously injuring two pilots, the city of Lake Worth, Texas is very lucky that a military plane crash yesterday morning in the middle of town wasn't worse.
On September 19th, between the 4000 blocks of Tejas and Dakota, two pilots got i…
Beto O’Rourke Is Planning To Run For Governor of Texas
Beto O'Rourke is reportedly planning on running for Governor of Texas. For Democrats, it is the hope of a comeback for O'Rourke, while some Republicans are licking their chops and ready to go after O'Rourke who moved to the left during his last campaign for office...

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