Your first time can be scary. Especially when it used to be illegal!

New Mexico became the 18th state to legalize recreational marijuana use in 2021, but many have yet to make it to a dispensary. Very little has been known about dispensaries as they are just now existing in most states - so what's the deal?

This article is to help ease your nerves and give you some information up front so you feel more prepared before heading into your first green shopping trip. Plus, I added some great New Mexico dispensaries at the end of the article that are perfect for newcomers.

First things first. Some very important reminders.

It is LEGAL to consume recreational marijuana in the state of New Mexico, even if you reside in another state.

It is ILLEGAL to cross state lines with marijuana.

It is also ILLEGAL in Texas for use of any kind. Medical or recreational.

And on that note, back to business. The cannabis business.

Things to bring with you... You will need a valid ID. Preferably, a drivers license. Cash is always a good way to go when it comes to dispensaries because although some accept debit cards only, there is usually a fee that comes with that.

More than likely when you get there you will enter through a first set of doors. Some have security right up front which is totally normal. Don't get spooked because there is a cop there. It's legal and you're doing nothing wrong.

Once you make it through the first set of doors and show your ID, you will either be able to step right up to the counter, or you will wait in line. There are usually chairs, and you can expect a "medical" and "recreational" line. Make sure you stick with the recreational line unless you have a valid medical cannabis card.

There might be menus and specials on the walls, and if you have a smartphone - most dispensaries also have online menus. Lost? No worries. Just sit and wait.

Once your name or number is called, relax and realize you are in the company of people who want to help you and want to find something that works for you. Don't be afraid to be specific when letting them know your needs, and tell them it's your first time! A discount surely will be on your way.

A general lay of the land will be your choice of flower, which consists of different strains and comes in little nugs you break up on your own. You can get a pre-roll, which is flower that is already rolled up into a little smokable cone. Get a lighter with that.

If smoking isn't for you... ask about what edibles they have. There is also an option of getting a vape pen, which you will also need to purchase a charger and a cartridge for. Most people who work at dispensaries are very knowledgeable and will be able to find what you're looking for based on your needs.

One final tip to always keep in mind: Sativa strains keep you awake, Indica strains make you sleepy, and Hybrid is somewhere in the middle.

Here are some locations in New Mexico that are great for a first time experience. And once you're a pro... check out 5 dispensaries in New Mexico you're going to want to visit at least once.

1. R. Greenleaf Med & Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Sunland Park at 1541 Appaloosa Dr, Sunland Park, NM 88063. Online menu available at

2. KUSHOLOGY101 at 1600 E Ohara Rd, Anthony, NM 88021. Order online or view items in stock at

3. Everest Cannabis Co. at 1580 Appaloosa Dr #320, Sunland Park, NM 88063. Check out their website here.

Please enjoy responsibly and legally.

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