With all the news of restaurants closing down in Amarillo and across the nation, we're kind of on high alert for our favorites and making sure they don't shut their doors. Rising costs of food have put a strain on a lot of these restaurants and have cost them customers because they've had to raise prices on the menu.

I was caught off guard personally when we took my wife out to dinner on Mother's Day. I expected a bill around $70-75 and was shocked when it came in at $100. I won't name the restaurant because I'm not badmouthing them, I know food is costing them more as well.

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I've just never had a bill that high at that restaurant and it went to show just how expensive it's becoming for everyone. Lately, I've been looking at which restaurants are doing daily specials and trying to coordinate when we eat out around those.

One of our favorites was Monday's at Hummers. $5 burger night was a popular one for my family as we could get in and out of there for around $40 when it was all said and done. Then the news dropped yesterday.

Hummers is getting rid of $5 burger night after May 27th. Sad news, sad day. I understand it though. I mean a burger at the majority of fast food joints costs $5 or more, and that doesn't include the fries that come with it.

Now, if abandoning certain daily specials is going to help keep a restaurant afloat, I'm all for it. The last thing we want to see are places going out of business because they aren't getting any kind of profit margin.

That's business, they have to make money to stay open, not just break even. Just bummed that $5 burger night will no longer be a thing.

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