Now that summer break is underway in Amarillo and Canyon, we're all looking for ways to keep the kids busy. Sure, there's plenty of activities we can go out and do, but we want them to still keep their brain active as well.

Enter the Amarillo Public Library. They've brought back their summer reading program, and it's not just for the kids. We ALL need to keep our minds fresh and active during the summer months.

Amarillo Reads is more than just grabbing a book off the shelf, and that's the best part about it. There will be activities planned at the libraries that you and the kids can attend, and even those are tailored and geared to all ages to have fun.

Separate activities for adults and teens will be done, as well as some to include younger kids and families.

We all know that kids are prize motivated right? They do something like this and they want to know what kind of reward they're going to get at the end of it all. Well the library is fully aware of that, and there will be prizes galore they can obtain.

Everyone can earn a small prize just for their daily reading, then at the end of the program (should you complete it), that's where the big prizes come in. Kids will get to choose a brand new book that is all theirs to keep. Adults? You're going to get to load up because you'll get a voucher for a bag of book to use at the ever-popular Friends of the Amarillo Public Library Book Sale.

To sign up, just head into any Amarillo Public Library!

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