It's about that time of year in Amarillo. The kids are starting to bounce off the walls knowing there's only a couple weeks of school left. They're ready for summer vacation, but there's one little problem.

You're not. You still have to work, and if you are a stay-at-home parent, you have to plan activities for them so you can maintain your sanity. The last thing you want is them sitting in the house all day long. They'll drive you mad.

Well, good news parents, I've got your back. There are so many different camps that are already planned and out there for the summer that you'll be able to keep any kid busy, and you remaining that patient, loving parent.

I've scoured the city for different camps and things for the kids to attend while they're out on break, and I've found a lot of different types of camps that will fill anywhere for a couple of hours per day, to all-day camps. They're also different sectors, so there's a little something for everyone here. Let's see what Amarillo has to offer this break.


This camp is for ages 5-12 and will be jam packed with all sorts of different activities. Kids will do some gymnastics activities allowing them to build strength and agility for any sport they play. They will also work on arts and crafts, learn some trendy dances, and work through an obstacle course.

And yes, they'll want to have those swimsuits as all their camps include water time.


AC will be offering up a ton of different camps that are a bit more targeted and geared to what your child wants. These will be more class style based where they'll truly learn about those things as opposed to camps with a little bit of everything.

Some of the classes being offered include AC Conservatory Theatre, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, sports & recreation, and music. These aren't the only classes available and some are very specific. You can check out all their offerings for the summer here.


For those animal lovers in your life, the Amarillo Zoo is offering up numerous camps starting in June that are more than just come out and see the animals. They have STEAM courses geared towards animals, and even a Zookeeper-In-Training camp.

They have half-day and full-day camps available as well as just a couple of-hour camps you can attend. All the offered courses can be found here.


For all those curious little minds you have in the house, DHDC will have something to intrigue them all summer long. Starting up the first week of June and running through the month of July, kiddos will get a chance to explore Earth, learn about when dinosaurs roamed the planet, get lost in the solar system, and so much more.

You can register for as many different classes as you'd like here.


If you've got kids like mine, the only camps they're going to want to attend are sports camps. Thankfully, AISD is providing exactly those for multiple different sports. They have them available for grade levels 2 through 9, which covers all the age ranges you typically need to cover.

There will be camps available at Amarillo High, Palo Duro High, Caprock High, and Tascosa High and each one will offer several different camps. They have camps for boys and girls separately, so they'll be tailored more to them. You can find all the camps at the different schools, and information about them, by clicking here.

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