When you go into a store like United or Walmart, it's not a surprise that you will be asked to show an ID to purchase some items. You understand if you are buying alcohol they will want to make sure you are of legal age for them to sell it to.

The same thing goes for tobacco products like cigarettes. You just know you could be asked. Some stores, like Walgreens, ask for identification from everyone. It doesn't matter if you look over a certain age or not. You have to let them scan if you want these items. There is no way around it. I always have my ID out and ready to go.

There have been several times I have bought something at the store where I was flagged to make sure I was old enough. Some things that just surprised me. It's sometimes annoying if I am in a self-checkout and now I have to wait for someone to come and say OK to my purchase.

If I have a cashier it's usually a non-issue. They look at me and push a button. We usually have a quick chuckle about the item I am purchasing. I promise them I am not doing anything that could get me in trouble. We go on about our business and I get to leave the store with my item.

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I needed to buy some spray paint at Walmart for a recent project for my granddaughter. First, I had to have someone get the spray paint from behind locked glass cabinets. Why was that? I guess kids were taking it off the shelf and spraying paint all over the store. So that was the first hold-up. Oh, and then they had to come over and approve my purchase.

Spray Paint Can

I have also had issues buying markers. Just like with the spray paint they want to make sure that I am old enough and I look trustworthy. Hopefully, I don't look like someone who is going to huff either product. They also are hoping I am not going to be destroying other people's property with it.

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash
Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

They can also check your id to buy glue. Glue. Can you believe that? It's not all glue. Those glues like model glue you will. Gorilla Glue can also flag you. It seems most things that any crafter would use are going to make you have to pull out your identification. Again we can thank those people who like to huff for that as well.

Oh, and then there are the medicines. Certain cold medicines will definitely have an employee coming over to approve the purchase. I mean you could be using it to make meth. You can't just be getting sick. Of course, you look more suspicious if you are trying to buy a lot. So don't.

I just someday it gets easier to take a trip to the store. We want the prices of our items to go down and we want to be able to leave the store as quickly as possible. That means limiting the number of times an associate has to come an help you with a purchase.

I try to keep all of my alcohol, glue purchases, cold medicines, and spray paint items all together. Work smarter, not harder.

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