Books can really take you anywhere. Where do you want to go? The sky is the limit. Really it is. Reading can take you on a journey. You just need to grab a book to escape from your reality and head out.

Reading is always something I have enjoyed doing. I loved going to the library as a child. I would grab a couple weeks worth of books. Which turned out to be a lot because I sure could read a lot.

When my daughter was growing up we would take those weekly trips to the library as well. We would read some of her favorites while we were there. We would also grab a ton to bring home. Our nightly ritual was to read, read, read.

Now that she has her own daughter that is still what they do. They go to the library. She has her own bookshelf of all of her favorites. She is only two but she has such a love for reading. She would rather have a ton of books than toys. Really she doesn't care a whole lot for the toys. Oh, but mess with her books and you will have some trouble.

So books are an important part of a lot of kids lives. I still love to read books when I can so your love for books grow over the years. It's a great love to have.

When they have a sale this is the time to grab some of your favorites to bring home with you forever. That is exactly what is happening this weekend.

The sale is open to the public tomorrow and Sunday. It's the Friends of the Amarillo Public Library book sale and it takes place in the basement of the Downtown Public Library.

According to the Amarillo Public Library's website:

In this brown bag sale, book lovers select from a huge selection of books and other media and pay just $7.50 per bag or 3 bags for $20.  Shoppers who bring their own reusable shopping bags (not paper bags) save money by paying just $7 per bag or buying 3 bags for $18.  The Friends group reserves the right to charge extra for extra-large bags, and boxes or bins are not permitted in the book sale area

Find out all the details HERE.

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