Food trucks are a great way in Amarillo to get your feet wet. I mean if you have a restaurant idea and you want to see how it will go over a food truck is a great start. It's a lot cheaper than a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

There is not as much overhead. You don't need a full staff. You don't need to pay a lot of other expenses that a restaurant will cost you. Now let's not get this wrong. It is still expensive. There are other expenses you will have to deal with it is just not as bad out the door.

Then you get up and rolling and you start making your mark in Amarillo. That is what every food truck owner hopes for. Then they have the decision to make. They can keep on keeping on with their food truck or they can branch out.

That is when the tough decision is made. That is where business owner Paul Oliverez decided to take the next step. Paul is the owner of The Brunch Truck. He has set up near the Greyhound Bus Station for years. In a little hidden back space. He has had some great success.

Charlie Hardin/TSM
Charlie Hardin/TSM

Paul knows his way around a restaurant. He used to be a manager at a local restaurant that my daughter worked at. I was ever so happy when I discovered he was the one who opened the Brunch Truck.

If you haven't been by yet this truck caters to vegans who need to eat a special diet and the food cooked nowhere near other foods. He learned to do this with expertise since this is what his wife's diet required. He got pretty darn good at it and decided to share it with us.

You can get your vegan food at the Brunch Truck but you can also get regular options. They have it all. Now Paul is ready to expand. I think he has had this in the works all along. This doesn't surprise me because he is not moving very far from where he is now.

He is getting his own restaurant location at 213 SW 7th. He has been working on this location for a while now. They are getting really close to opening. He has announced his opening date.

The menu will be expanding. He will have drinks to have with your brunch. You will have a great place to eat and a location where you can sit down and enjoy your meal. Things are only going to get better at The Brunch Truck's new location.

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