I didn't believe it when I was told that there were tons of people online complaining about the murals in Amarillo, Texas. As far as I was aware, our murals are a point of pride for many in the community; especially the arts community. Why in the world would some cranky old miser want to call them gang art?

First, we should probably try to get inside the mind of such an individual. Obviously, they believe they are a connoisseur of fine art. After all, they are able to so quickly distinguish between a work of art that was labored over for an excruciating number of hours and someone tagging their territory.

Thank God for this individual. I would hate to get the two confused.

Second, they must be of the belief that art has to fit within certain parameters before it can ever be considered art. Unfortunately, I feel many celebrated artists throughout history would laugh at such an assumption.

Perhaps their point is that art belongs on a canvas and not on a building. I can sympathize with their confusion. Growing up, I too was disciplined relentlessly for coloring on the walls of my house with crayons. My parents would be livid if my utensils ever left the page for more avant-garde pastures.

I think, instead, the individuals who are leading the campaign to complain about the murals in our fine city are simply well-intentioned individuals who have an unfortunate case of the grumps.

I defy anyone to travel downtown and look at the murals on display and tell me they aren't at the very least impressive. For many of them, a more accurate word to use would be beautiful.

It's either that or the gangs of the world need to step up their game a bit when tagging their territory. Seriously, you're being outdone and apparently, people don't think you're in a scary gang. They're confusing you with artists.

I doubt that's great for street cred.

In conclusion, there is one simple phrase that we all could go back to that would just make all of this nonsense stop. Beauty, and art, are in the eye of the beholder. If your eye ain't beholdin', then keep your trap shut.

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