Texas may not be known for trees, but maybe it should.

Image by tlparadis from Pixabay
Image by tlparadis from Pixabay

Yes, Texas Has Trees

Texas is so huge that many people forget there are many wooded areas. It may not be news to you, but to all of the people who have seen Texas portrayed on t.v. and the movies, we live in a treeless desert wasteland. Okay, that's true for a lot of Texas, but this is a VERY big state.

The Texas Tree

Texas does have a tree that is "Texas-Sized".  The title seems to go to the "San Bernard Oak" at the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge, in Brazoria County.  I say "seems" because the title of biggest tree brings up some confusing answers. The "San Bernard Oak" does bear the distinction of being the registered largest tree, so it gets the title because it plays by the rules. It is also nearly impossible to even find photo documentation of the tree (I had zero luck finding a usable picture).

How Big Is It?

This tree has a circumference of 386 inches. I actually have no basis for comparison with that measurement. I do know that 67 feet high is pretty tall. The "crown" of the tree is about 100 feet wide. It doesn't appear that the refuge actively promotes the tree or visits to it. The "Brazosport Covention & Visitors Council" does have trail guide, but at the time of publishing, the trail was closed (and some of the links are dead, so this may be old information). I will say if you do visit, watch out for bobcats and alligators as both are native to the area. I would also assume that climbing the tree is not allowed.

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