So the other day I stumble across a video on laws in different states. Some were wacky (which I agree with but didn't think it needed to be a law) like it's illegal to eat fried chicken with a fork in Georgia; some made sense when I gave it some thought, like Ohio's law where in case a dangerous animal (like the kind you see at a zoo) escapes; you have to report it to the authorities. So, it made me think about what laws in Texas do we not realized, are real laws?

#10. No shooting buffalo from the second story of a hotel

This is just bad hunting ethics and I don't think the WT would be to happy if you took out their mascot "Thunder"

American Buffalo.

#9. It's illegal to milk someone elses cow

You used to be fined of no more than $10 if caught. But now, this is a theft of personal property, which is a Class A misdemeanor.

#8.Texas is a common law marriage state

Which means two willing parties (who are over 18, unmarried and aren’t related) are legally married if they publicly announce they’re married three times.

#7. Dumpster diving is legal

Dumpster diving is legal in the state of Texas unless there is a city ordinance against it. Which leads me to.

#6. No eating your neighbor’s garbage without permission

If caught, you will go down for trespassing and property theft.

#5. It's illegal to leave an unattended vehicle running

If caught, you could be change with a Class C misdemeanor.

#4. Giving a 24-hour notice

Those who are planning to commit a crime in Texas are required by law to provide their victims with 24 hours written or verbal notice.

#3. It's illegal to drive without windshield wipers

While you don’t legally need a windshield to drive a car in Texas, it is illegal to drive without windshield wipers.

#2. No feather dusting in public

It is against the law to use a feather duster to dust any Texas public building. It’s unclear whether it’s the feather duster or the act of dusting that’s illegal.

#1. No drinking while standing

In certain Texas cites it is illegal to take more than three drinks (sips or swallows) of a beer while standing up. It’s not completely clear why this became a law.

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