We are finally to that part of the year where sickness seems to be around every corner and yes flu season is upon us.  So the City of Amarillo's Public Health Department wants to remind you to get your flu shot.


They want to encourage you that as soon as the flu vaccine is available, each person that is able needs to get one.

 “Early vaccination is important,” says Public Health Authority Dr. Roger Smalligan. “We encourage early vaccination so that we have a protected population to extend for the entire influenza season.”

The CDC recommends an annual influenza vaccinations for everyone that is 6 months of age or older.    The vaccinations is especially important for those at a higher risk.  So it's time to start thinking about getting your flu vaccine as well as the vaccine for your children.

This year's flu vaccines will be different than last year, so you are encouraged to make sure you receive your vaccine this year so you will be protected.  Several vaccines will be available and the CDC encourages the vaccination indicated for your age group.

The City of Amarillo's Public Health Department will monitor our community for flu activity.

“We receive reports of positive flu tests from doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals,” says Public Health Director Casie Stoughton, MPH, BSN, RN. “It is important to get the flu shot each year as protection can decrease from year to year if a booster is not given.”

To learn more about the flu visit cdc.gov/flu/.