Google is so confident their Chrome browser is safe from your hacking attack they are offering up to $1 million dollars for anyone able to hack it.  They've got cash prizes for Mozilla.  And yes you can pick on Internet Explorer for cash too but there really is no fun shooting fish in a barrel.

Chrome is participating in the annual Pwn2Own hackathon being held in Vancouver next week.  Chrome has yet to be exploited by hackers while Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer have all been exposed.

Google isn't just rewarding hacks in Chrome. The company will pay $20,000 for a hack exposed in Windows, Flash, device drivers, or for general bugs that could fell any browser. It will pony up $40,000 for a partial Chrome exploit and it will pay $60,000, up to the million dollar limit, for full Chrome exploits and bugs that only exist in Chrome.

It's not a winner-takes-all competition. The prize money will be spread out across various competitors, up to $1 million. Google will also give the winners Chromebooks.

Successful hackers will be required by Google to deliver full reports of their exploits.


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